GMC Contracting owns a fleet of more than 70 pieces of modern heavy equipment. We are specifically tooled up for deep utility installation but are capable of constructing large earth moving projects. Our excavator fleet ranges from 5 ton machines to up to 70 ton units. Also included in our fleet is a large array of dozers, compactors, loaders, off-road haulers, graders and several water trucks and wagons. Our fleet is also GPS compatible to improve efficiencies and accuracy. Our support equipment ranges from an extensive fleet of field trucks, mechanics and oiler trucks, lowboys and tractors. Our inventory includes a vast array of dewatering tooling such as large-capacity diesel and electric pumps, generators and clarification tanks.

GMC’s fleet is maintained completely in house through the expertise of full-time mechanics and oilers. Our large shop includes oil/water separation facilities, waste oil disposition and a large overhead crane. All equipment is brought into our central shop each winter for a thorough inspection and we try to catch all existing and potential future issues on each piece of heavy equipment and rolling stock. Everything from plate compactors to large dozers are inspected, serviced, repaired and painted. A full-time welder is dedicated to rebuilding our large inventory of buckets and dozer faces.

Employees are trained, schooled and encouraged to report to their Superintendent any abnormalities, oil leaks or electrical problems. We truly believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.